careers  Recruiting
Recruiting Process
Evaluate candidate's applied position and competency
Verify candidate’s basic knowledge and aptitude for professional competency
Evaluate candidate's value, personal experience, and aptitude
Result will be announced to candidates who successfully pass the recruiting evaluations
Orientation and submission of documents
* The recruiting process may apply differently to experienced candidates.
Sales Domestic and International Sales in LCDs and Electronic Components
Technical Strategy Sales Experience in Autocad, C-language, or Software certificates preferred
Inventory and Supply Management and Logistics Supply Chain Operation, Product Transportation, Custom Clearance
Quality Control Quality Control Report and Inspection, After Service Support
Accounting Financial Accounting and Taxation
Human Resources and Administrations Recruiting, Training, Industrial Relations
Marketing Sales Strategy based on Market and Enterprise Research, Company Promotion, International Exporting
Part Timer
Candidates with skilled soldering experience preferred
Recruiting Schedule
  • Recruiting in Progress
National Pension, Health Insurance, Employment Insurance, Industrial Disaster Compensation Insurance
Transportation Expenses, Wireless Plans, Child Care Allowance, Birthday Cake
Special awards and Selective Financial Aid
Training programs for KJC overseas OEM factory
Performance Rewards, Incentives
Trips to Top 100 Ranked Oversea Tourist Attractions